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Australia's Biggest Range of eBike Batteries! Out of Stock Items will be Back in Stock Soon! Free Postage over $50*
Australia's Biggest Range of eBike Batteries! Out of Stock Items will be Back in Stock Soon! Free Postage over $50*

TongSheng 36V 250W TSDZ2 with XH-18 Display, Torque Sensor Mid Drive Conversion Kit and 13Ah Battery


TongSheng TSDZ2 36V 250W with XH-18 Twist Function Display, Torque Sensor Mid Drive Conversion Kit and 13Ah DLG Battery

Fits 68-73MM Bracket

Torque Sensing Motor

XH-18 Display

36V 13Ah / 468Wh Hailong Downtube Battery DLG Cells CPHLAD36-13 and 2A Charger

Why choose the little motor- TSDZ2 Mid drive motor?

  • Fits 95% of standard bike frames with 68-73mm bottom bracket built in torque and cadence sensor- this results in much smoother acceleration than any cadence sensor mid drive motor.
  • Easy to install. Kit includes all installation parts and tools.
  • The motor has an extra support mount - resulting in a much more reliable install.
  • 90Nm of torque 

The TSDZ2 Mid Drive Motor - Torque Sensing Pedal Assist: The harder you pedal - the harder the motor works with you. 4 levels of assist provide smoothly integrated power ranging from +36-300%, allowing you to conquer virtually any hill with ease. These kits retrofit most bicycles by replacing the bottom bracket & crankset assembly - to utilise the existing drivetrain & gears for maximum efficiency

The XH-18 Display - The compact left handlebar mount XH-18 features a spring loaded half twist to function as the +\- buttons to adjust the level of assist, as well as cycle menu options. This is a very smooth way to adjust your assist level on the fly. The power button doubles as on/off for the lights with a short press, and the information button toggles the trip/odometer readout. You can also adjust the settings for wheel diameter, change the speed limit, switch between miles or kph, and more.   

36V 250W Version

  • Assisted Speeds up to 45 kmh  (motor does not provide assist past programmed limit on model, 45kmh being the maximum value - while you can set the motor speed limit higher on the 36v models, we recommend the more powerful 48v for speeds up to 45 kmh) Please note: 25 km/h is the legal limit within Australia for on-road use
  • Power Assist Ratio: 36%~300% (with 4 levels of torque sensitivity-to-power-output to choose from)
  • Maximum Torque 90 N.m
  • Pedal Cadence Assist: 90/100/110/120 RPM
  • XH-18 Left Handlebar Mount Half Twist Action Display (Compact, Color Screen, Half Twist +/- Mechanism)
  • Speed Sensor w/ Spoke Magnet (speed sensor attaches to the chain stay, and the magnet attaches to a wheel spoke)
  • Includes Light Cables controlled by the Display (for optional 6v 0.5-1a Front & Rear Lights ~ controlled from a button on the display)
  • Mid Drive Utilises the Drive Train Gearing (for increased efficiency & optimal hill climbing ability)
  • Chain Ring Size 42T
  • Integrated 6 pin Controller (for better protection and less wiring clutter)
  • Easy Installation (The TSDZ2 Mid Drive Kits fit 95% of bikes with threaded JIS/BSA bottom brackets)
  • Installation Tool
  • Small & Lightweight: 3.6 kg



    TSDZ2 mid-drive high speed geared motor


    Mid Motor


    Gear Motor

    Rated Voltage




    Max Torque



    Integrated into the motor


    Torque sensor is integrated into the motor

    Power Assist Ratio


    Bottom Bracket


    Chain Wheel


    limited current


    Max Speed


    Motor weight




    36 Volts

    13AH / 468WH

    DLG 18650 2600mah Cells

    Hailong battery, fits a broad range of bikes

    This battery has recently passed UN38.3 testing, documents available here link

    All cells used in our batteries are 100% new and tested to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 62133-2-2017, beware as many Australian suppliers do not mention the brand of cell used

    • 36V
    • 13 AH
    • 468Wh
    • 367L 90W 92H including mounting bracket
    • Weight 3.3Kg
    • Battery charger included with Australian plug
    • Discharge cable with micro Anderson connector
    • DLG Cells, tested to IEC62133
    • 2 Year warranty
    • Keys with docking station
    • Continuous discharge 30A
    • Battery Management System (BMS) Managing
    1. Charging voltage
    2. Balance voltage for single cell               
    3. Current consumption                
    4. Maximal continuous charging current     
    5. Maximal continuous Discharging current            
    6. Over charge Protection 
    7. Over discharge protection         
    8. Over current protection 
    9. Short protection
    10. Resistance Protection