CPTR52-19.2, 52V, 19.2AH, 90A, Panasonic cells, triangle battery

by Cap Rouge

52 Volt Triangle Bag Battery

19.2 AH

90A Continuous Discharge - This is for extreme loads

Panasonic Cells

Classic triangle bag battery, suits a wide variety of uses. Attached with Velcro straps, avoiding the need for bolts, or drilling holes.

Please note, this battery is fitted with larger leads to accommodate the higher continuous discharge.

Cap Rouge makes no endorsement of the suitability for your particular application and you should always consult your applications specifications at all times. 

This battery has recently undertaken UN38.3, CE-EMC and MSDS testing, on behalf of Cap Rouge

  • 52 Volts
  • 19.2 AH
  • 998 Wh
  • Dimensions 400 Long, 80 Wide, 220 High
  • 90A Continuous discharge
  • 84 PANASONIC CELLS BD 3200mah
  • 2A battery charger included
  • Discharge lead fitted with popular Anderson connectors
  • Built in hard Battery Management System, (BMS)
  • Cell sorting and balancing during production
  • 2 Year warranty

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