CPSSE36-14, 36 Volt 14AH , 504Wh, rear rack battery and bracket, Samsung cells

by Cap Rouge

36 Volt

14 AH

Samsung 26J 18650 Li-ion Cells

SSE060 Style Rear Rack Battery

Popular SSE-060 battery, fits a wide range of imported bicycles, or can be used to fit a new battery on your rear rack. Coming with battery pack, battery retaining bracket and charger

This battery has passed extensive European testing, having passed the following testing 62133-2-2017, IP54, 

  • 36V
  • 14 AH
  • 504 Wh
  • 393L 148W 75H 
  • IP54
  • 2A Battery Charger with Australian plug
  • Keys with docking station included
  • Continuous discharge 15A
  • Samsung Cells
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Battery Management System (BMS) Managing
  1. Charging voltage
  2. Balance voltage for single cell               
  3. Current consumption                
  4. Maximal continuous charging current     
  5. Maximal continuous Discharging current            
  6. Over charge Protection 
  7. Over discharge protection         
  8. Over current protection 
  9. Short protection
  10. Resistance Protection 

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