36V 250W 68mm Bafang Conversion Kit & Panasonic 21700 20AH Battery

by Cap Rouge

Bafang Conversion kit and 36V Panasonic 21700 cell battery

36V 250W BBSO1B Motor

DPC18 Colour Display

Fits Bottom Bracket 68-73mm

Please beware of all local rules and road law regulations

  • 36v 250w BBS01B motor
  • DPC18 display
  • Brake levers
  • Fit BB 68-73mm
  • Crank Teeth:  44T 
  • Speed sensor
  • Throttle
  • Led light function
  • Speed sensor

36 Volt 



Panasonic 21700 5000mah cells

35A Discharge


All new design, using the latest in e-mobility cell technology.

The new cell technology allows the battery to be built in a lower profile case

  •  36V
  • 20 Ah 
  • 720Wh
  • 10S4P (40 cells)
  • Weight 4.32 KG
  • 367L 92W 98H
  • 2A Battery (AU Plug) charger included
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Keys with docking station
  • Genuine Panasonic 5000mah 21700 cells
  • Excellent battery for high powered 36 volt motors
  • Discharge cable with micro Anderson connectors
  • Continuous discharge 35A maximum, for high powered motors
  • Battery Management System (BMS) Managing
  1. Charging voltage
  2. Balance voltage for single cell               
  3. Current consumption                
  4. Maximal continuous charging current     
  5. Maximal continuous Discharging current            
  6. Over charge Protection 
  7. Over discharge protection         
  8. Over current protection 
  9. Short protection
  10. Resistance Protection 


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